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William Shakespeare

1. When was William Shakespeare born? Where?

He was born in 1564, in Stratford.

2. Write the names of Shakespeare parents?

John and Mary

3. Write his wifes name. When did they get married?

Shakespeare got married with Anne Hathaway in 28th Nobember of 1582.

4. Write the names of their three children. What happened to them?

Judith, Hamnet and Susana, but Hamnet died in 1596 when he was only 11.

5. Which was his native town?


6. Write names of buildings related to his native town.


7. Where did he study?

Stratford Grammar School.

8. Did he go to university?


9. Why did he left his family and native town to go to London?

Because he took a job as a teacher in a London School, and he left to pursue 
his career.

10. How many plays had he written when he arrived in London ?


11. When can we find the first reference to Shakespeare in the literary world 
of London ?

First page.

12. When he was in London, he was an actor and playwritght who belonged to the company , which had been founded by the men of Lord Chamberlain and whose theatre was called theater player.

13. When and where did he die?

He died in Stratford, 1616

14. Where was he buried?

Holy Trinity Church de Stratford-upon-Avon.


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